Longshot Camera Systems Puts Your Camera on a 20 Foot Pole

Ever wish you could hoist your digital camera up 20 feet in the air and take some amazing overhead shots? You can with the Pole-ster from Longshot Camera Systems. This system is a telescoping pole that reaches 20 feet up with your camera at the top on a highly adjustable mount.

Now any fool can attach a camera to a long pole but what makes this system unique is the trigger system. The camera mount has a clamp-like trigger system that is adjustable to fit most digital cameras. A long cord attaches to the trigger system allowing it to physically press the shutter button on your camera to take the picture.

The shot above was taken with the Pole-ster of a second story roof. The possibilities are endless and not just for taking pictures from high up- you can also use the pole to get your camera into tight horizontal spaces- like crawl spaces or caves. You can use it to reach over, around, and under obstacles that would otherwise prevent a clear shot. The system starts at $199 and is designed for compact cameras but it can be customized with other features and built for DSLR’s too.