Medea Vodka Bottle with a Programmable LED Screen

Just sitting up in the VIP table area with a bunch of your brosephs with popped collars isn’t enough to fully attract the attention of the fine ladies on the dance floor in the club. You need your vodka bottle to stand out cause that’s how you roll, homeskillet. Just holding it up in the air, pouring out the $300 liquor on the floor like it’s water and running it through your greasy hair isn’t going to catch any fine woman’s eye from across the floor. You need a vodka bottle that really speaks- you need Madea Vodka with a programmable LED screen right on the bottle. Now your vodka bottle can speak the words you’re too scared to say- “how you doing?, come on over for a drink”. I guess the real question is how fast can you reprogram it to say “no you in the blue, not the nasty looking girl with the armit sweat in the red”?

via crunchgear