Gummy Overload

To be honest I was on the fence about posting these Gummy Shot Glasses. They’re pretty cool and all, edible gummy shot glasses that come in a six pack of flavors for $14 and change. They’ll flavor up that nasty cheap vodka, rum, whiskey or whatever you have sitting in the cabinet. So it’s cool but not that crazy. BUT here’s what’s crazy- a promotional video the Vat19 folks made to promote this product:

Be sure to watch at the end for the “making of” portion. That video has 900 pounds of gummy bears in it used to make the gummy covered set. The brick wall alone has 30,000 gummy bears glued to it. Check out the belt buckle and the (briefly shown) lamp made of the world’s largest gummy bear. The lamp weighs 10 lbs thanks to the gummy. Gummy couch, gummy table, gummy bling, it’s all gummy. The couch alone took 30 hours to glue the gummy bears onto it. Great song too, autotune FTW. Coolio.

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