Eyeglasses with Built In Chopsticks

chopsticks glasses
Chopsticks- is there anything they can’t do? Or actually, is there anyplace they can’t go? Now you can always have a pair of your favorite eating utensils handy with the Stix chopstick holding eyeglasses.

The chopsticks slide into the frames of the glasses so whenever you are ready to grab a bit they are with you. It’s unclear what you do with them once you are done eating- walking around with dirty chopsticks in your glasses is probably not the most pleasant of situations. But at least you will have eaten, unlike your buddy sitting there with a full plate of food and nothing to eat it with. It’s rumored that the designers tried to make spork glasses but couldn’t get the design down perfectly so they went with chopsticks instead. Just a rumor though.

via Yanko

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