7 Foot Long, 26 Pound Gummy Python

Just in time for your post-Halloween candy withdrawal relief comes this monstrous 7 Foot Gummy Python. How much relief? Try 36,720 calories worth in it’s 84″ long x 8″ by 8″ sugary frame of sin. You ain’t getting this snake on a plane without paying a separate baggage fee because this “Party Python” is massive:

By the way, don’t ever use the pickup line “do you want to see my party python?”, even if you’re only talking about a gummy treat- trust me. You can get this big boy in either red cherry/blue raspberry or blue raspberry/green apple for the equally impressively large price of $149 (it’s 306 servings so on a per serving basis, that’s less than 50 cents… but yeah that’s an assload of servings). Gluten free! (via gluttoner)