Camping Mat of the Future Only Lets Sand Go Through It in One Direction

The amazing Multimat from CGear is a lightweight camping mat that uses a patented multi-weave technology so that sand and dirt fall through the mat but can’t come back up the other way. Great for camping on sand and dirt- if you’ve ever tried camping in sandy conditions you know it gets everywhere.

The Multimat was originally designed for military use to be placed under helicopters as a landing pad that wouldn’t get covered in debris every time a chopper took off or landed. The mat uses durable rip-stop fabric with UV stabilizers to keep it from degrading in the sun. It costs about $100 for a 6 by 8 foot tarp (the smallest of the 4 available sizes) and comes in a drawstring carry bag.

Watch this video of a hunky Australian guy demonstrating how it works:

Available at retailers in Australia (this one has it online, others may too) via gear diary