Camping Cooler Bag with Built in Prep Table

Camping is one of the great outdoor summer activities that you wait all year to do and then either have the best time or are completely miserable. Either way, your memories of camping are great and you do it all over again next year. Getting out of the daily grind and into nature away from all the hustle and bustle definitely has it’s appeal. But you can’t go camping without some solid gear. And a man’s gotta eat. And drink.

When you’re out in the wild, you’ve got to prepare and season your food on the spot. Usually you’ll end up doing it on top of a flat cooler, a dirty picnic table, a car trunk or (gasp) on the ground! Well the Kelty Pop Duo changes all that by giving you a slide out prep table right in your cooler bag. The two halves of the waterproof cooler slide out to give you a windproof prep table, perfect for cutting limes, making sandwiches, or pouring beverages into cups. The Kelty Pop Duo even has extra zipper stash pockets and in it’s main compartments can hold up to twenty 12 ounce cans. Great camping essential.

gadgetgrid via coolest-gadgets