Giant Camping Chair with Basketball Hoops

If you thought the Supersized Camping Chair was big, now there’s something even bigger that does more than just provide a spot for you and and a friend (or two if you’re skinny) to sit. The Brobdingnagian Basketball Chair is an oversized camping chair with a super high back that accommodates a pair of basketball hoops. It measures over 6 feet tall and includes three rubber mini-basketballs that can store in the netting between the armrests. You’re gonna want to store them there when you sit otherwise your “buddies” will nail you in the head with their jumpshots. The chair has six cupholders, can hold up to 400lbs and it folds up to less than 9 inches wide. $179.95 at Hammacher.

For free shipping use code: FREEFEBS until 2/28/11 and then HSMRCHFS for all of March ’11.

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