Shake it Like the Naked Chef with a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

Everybody loves the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver- especially the ladies (and dudes once they realized that he doesn’t actually get naked). Now you can get the same flavors that JO does with the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker which is a neat alternative to the mortar and pestle.

Inside the Flavour Shaker (it’s killing me not to Americanize it and write Flavor Shaker by the way) is a ceramic ball that spins around when you shake it up.

Just like Jamie Oliver, you can use this kitchen contraption to make dressings, marinades, and rubs. Just put your ingredients in and shake it up. The ball inside will grind, crush, mix and release the flavors from your spices, garlic, nuts, herbs and more. The whole gadget is ergonomically designed with a soft rubber grip and a silicone spoon is included. Dishwasher safe.

2 thoughts on “Shake it Like the Naked Chef with a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

  1. Yes, it makes a mean muddle for a mojito. There is a severe design flaw with the Flavour Shaker, though. Due to the way that the two halve go together, there are thinner pieces of plastic where the two pieces meet. The ceramic ball that you shake around inside bashes into these bits of plastic, and makes them break off.

    Basically, the Flavour Shaker is self destructive by design. If the made one from a material that didn’t break on impact with the ball, or redesigned the interface between the two halves, it would be a great product. As it stands, you’re likely to get maybe 20 uses out of it before it breaks.

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