OutRun Arcade Cabinet Being Modded into a Drivable Vehicle

sega outrun driveable
Remember OutRun, the classic arcade game that was miles ahead of similar earlier driving games like Pole Position? Someone named Garnet Hertz (that can’t possibly be his real name, could it? awesome!) is taking an old OutRun arcade cabinet and modding it on top of an EVT America Electric Trike (basically it’s an electric scooter) to make a drivable OutRun machine.

Now obviously you won’t be able to see where you going so this vehicle will use GPS to display a map on the screen. But not just a regular GPS map- oh no. This map is going to be rendered into the OutRun style so it looks like you’re playing the game (and in a way you really are). Did I mention this car can go up to 20mph?! It’s going to have to be used in a controlled environment otherwise you’d be running down pedestrians like you’re playing GTA.

jalopnik via seganerds

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