Stop Motion Video LEGO Classic Arcade Games- Sick

This is the GREATEST THING EVER….of the week! Using LEGOs to create a stop motion video of classic arcade games? Yes! Sick! Oh, also did I mention..YES?! and SICK?! All hail Michael Hickox and his work! Hail hail! He has stop-motion animated the following games all in one collective video here: Frogger, Space Invaders, Pacman, Arkanoid, Tron (Light Cycles) and Asteroids. Six of the most classic of arcade games, all Legocized. I like the Tron one, I totally forgot about that game until just now. Here’s the video:

Now someone just needs to create playable flash versions of these games in their Lego form. That would be even sicker.

(laughing squid)

2 thoughts on “Stop Motion Video LEGO Classic Arcade Games- Sick

  1. Haha amazing, that asteroid stop motion was done fantastically and the pacman animation was so smooth.
    Thanks for putting this up.

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