Arcadie Turns Your iPhone into a 3D Arcade

Playing arcade games on your iPhone is fun but you’re not getting the full experience without the joystick, real buttons, and of course the arcade cabinet. With the Arcadie, you get all that, miniaturized for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just slip your phone in the back and play one of the many free apps available that simulate the classic arcade games (Space Invaders, Pong, Asteroids, etc). The 8-way joystick and A & B buttons work with directly with your iPhone- no need for quarters, batteries or to connect wirelessly- just plug and play. Check out the demo video:

Just like the old days, except smaller… and with Facebook and a camera and the ability to answer phone calls. The miniature arcade crops your screen to the game-appropriate 4:3 ratio for more realistic play. Neat little product at only $27.95.