Retro Arcade Watch: It’s Pew O’Clock

arcade wrist watch
You can’t take it with you- wait- actually you can. The Classic Arcade Wristwatch is like having a miniature arcade cabinet right on your wrist. It doesn’t actually play the game of “Galactic Defense” but nobody has to know that because when you press the button it makes the appropriate “pew pew” sound. It also, like all good watches, tells the time:
classic arcade watch
Those space rocks are the hour and minute hands while the spaceship is the second hand. Besides just making arcade game sounds, the button also makes the watch light up. The joystick does nothing but it looks good. Walk around like you’re the geek version of the Jolly Green Giant (fun fact: he is actually known for strapping arcade games to his wrist in his off hours). Pew pew.