Laser Cut Acrylic Arcade Cabinet

Ok so how much are lasers again? Cause this is the greatest laser cut object ever (this week). There’s nothing shown for scale but this little arcade gaming machine measures 5″ tall and is made from 3mm acrylic. Let’s take a closeup look at the screen:

Space Invaders? Ok it’s officially a capitalized bold WANT. The coolest part is that if you happen to have a laser cutter at home (and who doesn’t these days?) then you can build this yourself based on the free plans from Thingiverse.

After some quick research, low end laser cutters aren’t really that expensive as there’s a kit Amazon for a bit over $300. Hmmm, I might just take up a new hobby.

7 thoughts on “Laser Cut Acrylic Arcade Cabinet

  1. That amazon link, links to a cnc carver/router, not a laser cutter.
    Laser cutters go for at least $5 k for a small unit. Please do not misinform the public.

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