Cufflinks That Are Also Mini-Lighters

miniature lighter cufflinks
How James Bond is this vintage item? These cufflinks are actual working mini-lighters. They are refillable with fluid from the bottom. Believe it or not, these lighters used to come in a bubble gum vending machine as a prize about 50 years ago! How suave would you be at a cocktail party, just lighting the cigarette of a female vixen right smoothly from your cuff instead of having to dig around for a lighter in your pocket? Plus if your hands up ended up tied up with ropes, scarves or plastic cuffs (after having a lovely tryst with the female companion you just picked up at the bar thanks to your cufflink trick), you could burn your way out to freedom. Very useful.

Unfortunately these vintage cufflinks were a one of a kind item that sold out, but here’s an eBay search for cufflink lighters in case something turns up.

via technabob

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