12 Pack Vending Machine

12 pack vending
Apparently everything really is bigger in Texas. A pair of Texas based inventors have created a vending machine that doles out soda in 12 packs at a time. I personally find that 6 sodas at once is never enough to quench my thirst and once I start to hit the 7th or 8th soda from the machine, I’m even more thirsty from working up a sweat as my arms are burning from inserting so many quarters (and I have to pee real bad).

The Sodamatic Vending Machine, which from the picture looks to be bigger than my apartment, is intended to be used at sporting event tailgating parties, supermarkets, and anyplace else where people need large quantities of beverages at once like mini-van conventions and the Sahara. Like I always say, go big or go home (thirsty).


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