Kegerator with an iPod Dock is Perfect for your Mancave or Kitchen

ipod kegerator
It’s pretty much every dude’s (and a lot of ladies too!) dream to have their own kegerator. Most people strive for something that looks like a plain box or a regular old fridge converted to hold beer. Other people dream big. Like Craig Jones.

Craig pimps out old fridges to make them into amazing “Craigerators” like this Fire and Ice model which includes an integrated Bose iPod dock and speaker at the top. It also has neon lights all over that pulse to the beat of the music. Everyone hangs around the keg anyway, why not make it the media center of the party while we’re at it? And best of all- it holds a entire keg of beer. Mmm beer.

Love those icy flames! Too bad he chose one of the worst beers ever for his choice of branding- Keystone Light? Yuck. Craig does all sorts of custom kegerators for a living and custom beer servers like this one don’t come cheap. No price is listed but it says on his site “It costs what most people spend on a new car”. Honestly, I know some dudes that if faced with the choice, would choose the kegerator.

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  1. I am very interested in purchasing something along these lines… Just wondering how I could go about doing so…? Thanks!

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