Media Chair Looks Pretty Intense

media chair
If anyone in my family is reading this, I just cleared some space in the living room because this chair is now number one on my holiday wish list. Thanks. This slick looking chair from industrial designer Martin Emila not only has a finish and shape like an iPod, it also has an integrated iPod dock right in the arm. There’s a 3 way speaker in the headrest as well as a video projector. The ability to be fully immersed in your music without having to even get up has just gotten greater. I think that last sentence may drive my old English teacher to throw herself off a cliff due to it’s grammatical butchery. Unfortunately the chair is strictly conceptual at this point but I’m still saving room for it in my living room just in case. Thanks.

via born rich

10 thoughts on “Media Chair Looks Pretty Intense

  1. Interesting, but I’d wish they’d add some extra features to allow it to be a gaming chair also, i.e., a subwoofer and a little recline feature.

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