iHome iConnect Keyboard with iPod Dock Looks Pretty iSweet

Coming sometime late this summer is the new iConnect Keyboard from iHome. Available in both Mac (silver, model IH-K231MS) and Windows PC (black model IH-K230MB), this modern looking keyboard has an integrated iPod/iPhone dock right on the side. The Mac version has integrated application launcher keys while both versions have a pair of USB ports. The keyboard itself connects via USB, natch. The built in rubberized wrist rest makes it look like a laptop without the screen. Sort of. These keyboards will run you $150 which is in my opinion, totally not worth it. On the one hand, the dock is really sweet, but really I’d expect more for that price.

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8 thoughts on “iHome iConnect Keyboard with iPod Dock Looks Pretty iSweet

  1. $150 is a bit steep. I wish that they made this into a somewhat gaming-keyboard so it would have more functionality for me. On side note though, the dock does look sweet! And that is exactly where I put my iPod whenever I sync it with my PC.

  2. Agree that the price is a little high, but when you consider the stylish look it would give a professional desk, the price may be worth it. The mac design might fit better with mac design than the black windows version.

  3. I picked up one of these at the ESPY gifting suites, and it looks pretty cool, I haven’t actually used it yet, but I wanted to let you guys know it also comes with a wireless mouse. So, keyboard with dock and mouse for 150, doesn’t sound so bad.

  4. is there any way to get cheaper than $150, I was planning to make some small business, if I just could get cheaper than $150, but I think its possible if I order in bulk to get retail price or maybe wholesale price.

  5. I have an imac and while the sleek, super-thin mac keyboard is cool looking, it felt too insubstantial when I was typing on it and given the amount of time I spend at the computer, I decided to look for something else. When I previously owned a PC I was a big fan of the deNovo elite keyboards which were great in terms of feel and typing experience (and looks). I picked up this ihome keyboard and have been disappointed. Once out of the box it looks and feels cheap and it is very uncomfortable to type on. For some reason, despite it’s relatively large size the actual letter keys are cramped in together and I keep hitting the wrong keys because of it. It actually feels more like a netbook keyboard which is exactly what I did NOT want. The keys feel too “clicky” and cheap.

    So, I would advice not buying this keyboard.

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