Koolatron Dog and Cat Repeller

koolatron dog cat repeller
We love dogs here on the blog! Dogs are the greatest! And cats, well, cats are nice too or whatever. So while we personally would never need to shoo away any domestic animals, perhaps you are looking for the best way to keep dogs or cats out of your garden or garbage. That’s where the Koolatron CD01 Cat And Dog Repeller comes in to save the day (and your garden’s harvest this year).

The Koolatron uses a passive infra-red motion sensor that is activated when an animal approaches. The repellent device then uses ultrasonic sirens to get rid of pest cats and dogs. It’s portable and battery powered so you can place it right near the problem areas. It’s designed for cats and dogs but I would guess that it could also work to rid your yard of other small unwanted animals like raccoons, possums and hyenas.

One thought on “Koolatron Dog and Cat Repeller

  1. I doubt it works – those ultrasonic “repellers” have been proven not to work on most pest animals. That, and some “cannot be heard by humans” because in fact, they emit no noise at all, of any frequency. Can you say “fraud”? I knew you could!

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