Industrial iPod Dock Looks Rugged

If you or some of your friends are plumbers (maybe named Mario or Luigi?) then perhaps you’re looking for an appropriate iPod dock for your home or shop. Or perhaps not. Maybe you’re just a fan of things made of old pipes. Either way, we present to you the Industrial iPod Dock, a $95 iPod dock made from “electrical parts found around while sifting through bins of rusty old parts at the second hand hardware store”. Incredulously the seller goes on to say “It would also be a really great engagement or wedding present!”

Clearly we have very different ideas of what a wedding present should consist of. I’m not denying that there is a certain coolness and industrial chic to this iPod dock but if I gave this as an engagement present to one of my friends or relatives, I probably wouldn’t be invited to the wedding. On the plus side, if you’re prone to dropping and breaking your cheap plastic iPod docks, this one looks pretty indestructible.

via chip chick

5 thoughts on “Industrial iPod Dock Looks Rugged

  1. I think it looks ugly. I mean, it’s a cool solution, something really rare, but I wouldn’t buy it. I buy all my gadgets and I can’t complain. But who knows, maybe there are people who would buy something like this. However, if you like more sophisticated staff, check the Chinabuye’s offer.

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