Sleek Audio’s Glowing Earbuds

sleek audio glowing earbuds
Sleek Audio has just announced the CT6 Aura earbuds that are sure to draw some stares. The $375 pair of earbuds (yes, $375) lights up and glows in a number of color choices: green, blue, orange, yellow and white. Obviously taste and money are not intersecting here.

These earbuds are so pricey because they’re basically custom fitted to each individual. You have to send them a mold of your ear so they can make them the proper size. Perfect for people like me with ears the size of an elephant with elephantitus of the ear (yes elephants can get elephantitus, I learned it on the internets). They’re supposed to be audibly superior and whatnot too. In my opinion the only thing a pair of glowing earbuds are superior in is douchiness. But hey, if you like ’em, then grab your Vicks vapor rub, lollipops and glowsticks and rave on raver.

via engadget