Studmaster Workout Unit for your Unit

Most workout systems only cover 99% of the body leaving out crucial body parts (or in my case 90% of the body, if you know what I mean- zing!) Dr. Weener’s Studmaster gives you a full aerobic workout where you need it most- downtown. You’re probably thinking, do I really need yet another piece of specialized exercise equipment- yes you do. I’m pretty certain Dr. Weener is not a board certified physician, but somehow I just know I can trust him to determine a proper specialized exercise routine for my johnson. I think he trained with Dr. Leo Spaceman at the University.

The Studmaster is the ideal gag gift for your “over the hill” friends or buddies who always seem to be at the gym. One size fits almost all (more or less). You don’t need pills to increase in size, it’s all about exercising on the proper equipment.

You can buy the Studmaster for $12.95