Man Builds Functional Power Hand Claw

power armor claw
Details are scant but it appears that this functional armored power hand claw was built by a full grown man for his own entertainment. Dreams of becoming superheroes never die, apparently. The Hand Claw is made of aluminum and is a prototypical example of wearable robotics. The claw is driven by a compressed air tank. The sharp tips of the claw are designed to punch and pierce into objects with the the claw closed and then completely destroy the object from the inside out by opening the claw.

Unfortunately the builder of this piece of machinery did not list his home address, so I’ll just walk around everywhere I go in a highly paranoid state fearful of getting ‘sploded from the inside out by this geek. Although to be honest, he’s probably doesn’t get out much, so I don’t know what I’m worried about. I’ll just avoid all parents’ basements and I’ll be safe. Phew. I feel much better knowing I won’t get attacked by a robotic human claw.

handclaw via make

One thought on “Man Builds Functional Power Hand Claw

  1. just taunt him until his tank ‘o air runs out, then pray that he doesn’t have a very long extension cord running to the compressor hidden in his pants.

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