Coin Operated Ice Cream Claw Game

We’ve all seen the coin operated claw games where you try to manipulate the claw to pick up a stuffed animal that you then have to lug around for the rest of the night and will eventually end up being sold at a garage sale for 10 cents even though it cost you $10 in quarters just to get it because you were trying to impress some girl who ended up sleeping with that guy from the football team instead of you.

Well have you ever seen a claw game where the prize is ICE CREAM?!!? From Japan, of course, comes this awesome claw game the “Triple Catcher Ice”. The ice cream treats are frozen at a super low temperature so they are rock hard and not damaged by the prongs of the claw. Supposedly the game is a bit easier than the standard stuffed animal version. You can win one of four frozen treats: soda flavored ice bar, strawberry vanilla parfait cup, chocolate vanilla soft cream cup, and the vanilla short ice bar. Hopefully it doesn’t cost you $10 just to get one.

via Trends in Japan