Undercover is the Classiest Toilet Plunger Ever

The toilet plunger is the one thing in your bathroom that you usually try to hide (even if you have the Johnny Jolter Power Plunger) as most people consider it an eyesore. But it’s something you need to have on hand, especially if you’re on a special cheese, bananas, bread and potato diet like I’m on (don’t worry, it’s followed up by a prunes, whiskey, and beans month). The Undercover plunger from designer Michael Liu changes that by being both functional and elegant. The sleek metallic lines not only hide your plunger in style, it also holds a roll of toilet paper on top.

The Undercover is made of a spun aluminum satin that is chromed for a smooth and shiny appearance that will prevent mildew buildup. While this is solely a one of a kind handmade design concept, I think a similar version could sell quite well if it made it to market.