Millennium Falcon Joystick comes with the Star Wars Trilogy TV Game

star wars trilogy tv game
The Millennium Falcon joystick might be the greatest joystick ever created. Look how freakin’ cool it is. It’s not strictly a joystick, as it’s the controller for the Jakks Star Wars Original Trilogy TV Game which is one of those plug and play video games where you just plug the controller into the TV and play a few games. It may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts- it can after all, do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

It comes with four classic Star Wars games built into the joystick: Assault on Hoth, Red Leader, Battle of Endor, and Lightsaber Duel. But really this joystick is just screaming out “mod me, mod me, mod me”. It wants to be something more. It wants to be gutted and replaced with parts that will work on a modern gaming system like the X-Box 360 or Playstation 3. The Millennium Falcon Joystick is the world’s best joystick just waiting to be hooked into the world’s best gaming system.

6 thoughts on “Millennium Falcon Joystick comes with the Star Wars Trilogy TV Game

  1. Looks bulky but I guess it’s worth trying. I dunno, maybe I need to see more reviews about this joystick before I decide to buy one. If this would work for other consoles or even my PC and I can control my characters in WoW or Aion Online with this, it’s gonna be awesome!

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