Lucetta Bike Light Turns on Automatically when Magnetically Attached

lucetta light on fender
Here’s a really cool bicycle safety accessory that’s easy to use and looks great. The Lucetta Bike Light is a set of two small lights that magnetically clip on to one another when not in use- just slip into your pocket or bag. One has a red light and one is white.
lucetta bike light in hand
When you’re ready to take your bike out, just detach them from one another and magnetically attach them to your bicycle anywhere you want. You can put them on the front, back, handlebars, frame- anywhere you want since they’re small and magnetic.
lucetta bike light
As soon as the lights are attached to the bike- they turn on automatically! You can set them to a steady light, slow flashing, or faster blinking. Check out the video below to see it demonstrated:

That’s really cool and a simple way to add a sleek safety feature feature to your bike. The weather resistant lights run on a pair of small watch batteries each that are good for about 40 hours of use. Available in red, white, or black.