Cardboard Record Sleeve that Actually Plays the Record

Too bad records are barely used anymore because this would be a fantastic marketing opportunity. It’s a cardboard record sleeve that unfolds and in one quick and easy step it becomes a record player. Of course you have to spin the record yourself since there’s no power to it. But it would be great for traveling or camping. You have to have a pretty steady beat to turn the record at the proper speed, so maybe it’s better for spoken word albums? I don’t know but it’s a neat little trick of engineering for a nearly obsolete media format (cue the “but records are making a comeback” commenters….now)

ads of the world via gizmodo

3 thoughts on “Cardboard Record Sleeve that Actually Plays the Record

  1. But but but… using the graphite side of the pencil? Not only does it have virtually no grip, but you’d mark up your records that way. Turn it around, use the eraser side, you’re doing it wrong!

  2. Look at the record in the first pic. There’s another hole for you to turn it. So either the person modded an old record, or it came with a sample one.

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