Unnecessarily Ornate Charging Cables

I can appreciate ornate things. I’m wearing an outfit right now that some would describe as “best fit for a 6 year old girl in a beauty pageant”. What, a grown man can’t wear sparkle tuxedos, patent leather shoes, and feathers anymore? But my point is that some things should be ornate and some things are better left simple and utilitarian. Like charging cables. There’s no need to set up a little model train village diorama art project world of pretend on your power cords. No reason.

The World of Alice puts Alice (and I don’t know who the heck this Alice is and surely you can’t expect me to do things like “research” or “simple Google searches”, come on, this is a blog) in a little wire world where everything is slightly zippy from the surging electricity going through underneath. Luckily this bastard child of the cabling world is only available in Japan where apparently it’s ok to play with electrical wires.

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