External Hard Drive in the Shape of an Ice Cream Popsicle

We come across plenty of unusual USB flash drives here but rarely are there many external hard drives of interest. Typically they are just a box, maybe with some rounding or minor styling flairs but nothing worth writing home about. So it’s a nice TREAT to find this Mintpass external hard drive in the form factor of a popsicle (or “ice lolly” for our UK friends- a term that’s completely new to me):
Well don’t fret about missing out on your daily dose of USB flash drives because the stick of the ice pop is actually a USB flash drive that you can use to quickly transfer data to and from the hard drive. Unfortunately that means you can make any cool popsicle stick crafts like log cabins and stick figures but you could store plans and pictures of them on the drive.

These are conceptual for now but the plan is for them to come out (in Korea) in three flavors: chocolate (120GB HD/8GB flash drive), strawberry (80GB HD / 4GB flash) and vanilla (60GB HD / 2GB flash). As usual, vanilla gets no love. Well we here at Craziest Gadgets corporate headquarters fully support vanilla and feel it is definitely superior to strawberry and if we’re feeling in the mood, it’s better than chocolate. That’s right, better than chocolate.

curiosite via technabob

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  1. Too bad it’s not bus powered. Having to use a data cable minimizes the design effect, but is understandable. Having to use a power adaptor is just unforgivable.

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