The SpaceStation is a Space Saving…Station

Is your desk a hot trannie mess of tangled wires and gadgets galore? Do you even remember what color your desk is under all that crap highly important business tools? The Bluelounge Design SpaceStation will not only get the clutter off the desk, it will cool off your laptop. Hidden beneath the stylish exterior is an internal 4-port USB 2.0 hub and cable management pins to keep all your gadgets plugged in neatly. Look at this before and after:
Your laptop can rest right on top of the SpaceStation which allows your laptop to cool off and sit at a more ergonomic angle for more comfortable typing. You can also place your phone and other gadgets neatly on top of the bar. A rear accessory rail acts as a great business card holder or page holder for sheets of paper.
The effect is of a much neater and more organized appearance for your desk as well as a cooler laptop (which can extend the life of your computer’s parts).

2 thoughts on “The SpaceStation is a Space Saving…Station

  1. These are great at clearing up your desk and getting rid of clutter. Less expensive than buying a docking station while getting the same benefit.

  2. It may not help with all the cables, but a rubber eraser (the block kind) is great for tipping your lappie up to a more ergonomic angle. And it slips easily into your bag when you’re on the road. Costs a whole lot less too!

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