Tunefoot Gives Your Laptop Little Legs

Sometimes laptops can get really hot on the bottom. My Macbook Pro tends to reach leg burning temperatures at times (which is actually an improvement over the Dell laptop I used to own which would get so hot that it would actually turn itself off unless it was positioned with the fan corner of the computer dangling over the edge of the desk). Well hot or not, Tunefoot is here to cool your laptop down.

Tunefoot is basically two little rubber feet that you stick on with adhesive to the bottom of your laptop. They stay flat until you pop them open and prop up your computer. This will allow more airflow to reach the bottom and keep your computer cooler. You can also use them to prop up your iPod or iPhone for watching videos so you don’t have to go around making iPhone holders out of pencils and rubber bands. Tunefoot (is the plural Tunefeet?) was just announced and should be available in late February for around $20 suggested retail price.

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