DIY PVC Pipe Car Cupholder Laptop Tray

Usually here at Craziest Gadgets we applaud the do-it-yourself spirit and ingenuity to come up with creative solutions to problems and situations. But sometimes we find things that can only be described as “seriously ghetto”. Let’s say you’re a hardworking businessman (or woman) and you have some level of success. You own a car with cupholders. You own a fine Dell laptop computer. Perhaps either or both could be described as “late models”. So do you buy a nice laptop holder for doing work on the road?

Hell to the NO! You, in what could only be described as “jimmy-rigging”, make a ghetto laptop holder using some PVC piping from Home Depot and a piece of plywood. The contraption looks like your laptop has major drainage issues (or perhaps HAD major drainage issues that you fixed with your advanced DIYing). Never before have the worlds of automotive engineering, plumbing, and technology collided in such a cohesive manner. And may they never again collide. Please no. Never again.

via hackaday

3 thoughts on “DIY PVC Pipe Car Cupholder Laptop Tray

  1. I gotta say, of all the DIY’s I’ve seen over the years, this one looks surprisinly not trashy. There isn’t any ductape. There are no loose ends. And you know what? I can support a 10 dollar laptop stand that is removable from the car, as opposed to something much more expensive!

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