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The new Transformers movie isn’t even out yet and already I’m getting sick of the tie-ins. HOWEVER, this one is pretty freakin’ cool. It transforms from robot into a little tiny laptop computer that sits on top of a working 4 port USB hub. When in the robot form it can store (and play?) a cassette tape store in it’s chest:
Talk about old school. Cassette tape? I think it’s a micro-cassette to be exact. Like those old answering machines used to use. This one won’t be released until September.

product page (jp)

26 thoughts on “Transformer Laptop USB Hub

  1. This is BS. look at the size of the USB ports vs. the keyboard keys: a normal USB port is about the size of one key on a normal laptop. This looks like you could fit 4 keys in the same space of the USB port. Unusable.

    Also, have you ever seen a screeen carved up like that? I don’t think it is practical from a controller standpoint.

    1. It’s real. From the Transformers Wiki, using the Japanese name, BroadBlast instead of the US name, Blaster:

      Device Label Broad Blast transforms into a working USB hub (designed to look like the Toshiba Qosmio laptop computer). The USB functionality works in both robot and laptop modes. Generation 1 Mini-Cassettes can fit into the false tape-deck in his chest in robot mode, but cannot be stored while Broad Blast is in laptop mode due to his head being inside his chest in this form. The Generation 1 Blaster toy’s Electro-Scrambler Gun can also fit into Broad Blast’s compatible fist holes. Originally scheduled for release in late 2009, Broad Blast was delayed until July 2010. According to a report from at the Tokyo Toy Show 2010, the delay was due to the discovery of a connection cut-off problem after the toy/USB hub is transformed into robot mode. TakaraTomy redesigned the entire lower body to fix this problem.

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