Cordotz Wire Organization System

When you have a lot of electronic devices and gadgets all plugged into a single surge protector, it can be tricky to unplug the item you want because like black suitcases at the airport conveyor belt, many cords look alike. You can play guess the cord which is fine until you’ve unplugged something with a clock and now you have to reset it. Not fun. Cordotz is an organizational tool to keep track of your cords. The “dotz” are little plastic icons that go on your cords near the plug to identify what device the plug belongs to. There are also colorful plastic straps to tidy up your cords.

Now let’s be realistic here: Could you get the same effect with some twist-ties and a post-it? Probably. Are you going to? Probably not. Until then, there’s Cordotz.

via crunchgear

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