25 Mile Long USB Cable (Yes that says Mile)

If you’re like me and live in a single room where if you stand up and extend your arms you can hit both walls, then a one foot USB cable does just fine. But for other people who have 25 mile long houses, there is the USB extender from Icron that will allow you run marathon length USB cords. Well technically not cords, but you can run things via USB over very long distances- ExtremeUSB uses proprietary technology to send the signal over the air/wires/powerlines to distant locations using standard plug in adapters that look and work like normal USB plugs. Not sure who would use this, but it’s kinda neat.

via wired

One thought on “25 Mile Long USB Cable (Yes that says Mile)

  1. Did someone have a brain fart and think “Only if I could access my work computer from home.. I know, I’ll make a USB to Fiber module, and I can have a USB VGA, mouse and keyboard at my house that hooks up to my work PC.”…..?!

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