Contort Power is a Flexible Power Supply

contort power
Add flexibility to your outlets with Contort Power. This portable power supply may look simple but it has a number of great versatile features packed into a small package. First off it has a pair of USB ports as well as an AC outlet. It hangs neatly and out of the way right on the wall next to the outlet. The plug is smartly angled at 45 degrees so the Contort doesn’t block any other outlets.
contort power closeup
It’s great for traveling because it has built-in cord management- just wrap your cords around the outside. There’s an indicator light in the center to confirm you are charging. The AC outlet offers integrated surge protection. Great for on-the-go, you can power up 3 devices at once and hold the cords in your bag. That’s pretty much everything you could ask for in a portable power strip.