Extension Cord with Circular Hub

Extension cords are a necessary evil in today’s electronic age. You need them to plug things in that are far away from outlets. Did I just define what an extension cord does for you for no particular reason? Yes. The problem is that they seem to come in some standard lengths and you never end up with one exactly as long as you need. So you end up with a bunch of ugly tangled up extension cord crammed in under your furniture. Japan’s Monos has a colorful solution called Plugo.

Plugo is an extension cord with a circular hub into which you can plug 3 things in. When not in use, you can wrap Plugo’s own cord around the hub for storage. When you are using it, you can easily mount Plugo onto the wall behind you devices, keeping your excess cordage off the floor and easily accessible. Now of course you could wall mount any surge protector but that’s not as easy to do and it wouldn’t look nearly as good as the Plugo does. Not sure if you can get this in the US, unfortunately.

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