Pickup Power: Surge Protector with a Portable Battery

pickup power
Power at home or power to go, you can do it all with Pickup Power. Great for traveling and home, Pickup Power is a surge protector that has a built-in portable battery. When you’re at home, the office, hotel, or anywhere near a wall outlet you plug it in and use it’s 3 AC outlets just like you would any other surge protector.
pickup power plugged
But when you need power on the go it has one really neat trick- a portable battery! Not enough time at home to get a full charge on your phone? Need some extra juice to throw in your bag or car for later in the day when your phone, tablet, camera, and Kindle all run out of power? No problem- just pop out the portable battery:
pickup power battery pop out
Now you have a 4000mAH battery with a USB port ready to charge your gadget anywhere. The portable battery puts out high powered 2.1a charge. Still not enough power? You can step it up to a 6000mAH battery with 2 USB ports to charge two things at once.
pickup power portable battery
Besides the all in one aspect, what we really like about the Pickup Power is that the portable battery doesn’t require any extra cords to charge up- it just sits neatly in the power strip so it’s easy to pop it in and out when you need it. You know exactly where it is, no need to search around or worry about whether it’s charged up or not- it’s there for you. Nice combination of products from Quirky.