Diesel’s Faceless Watch Still Tells Time

This cool watch design from Diesel doesn’t look like it can actually tell the time but it does. It’s not voodoo or magic or any sort of fancy technical trick or any buttons to press- that is a solid stainless steel watch face you see. So how does it tell time- simple- just turn it on it’s side:
to reveal the hidden analog clock faces. There are two on each side and they can be set to tell the time in four different times zone at once. The band comes in one of two colors of leather and the watch is water resistant to 30 meters. This would make a great watch for the person who wants to wear a classy watch but doesn’t want to look at the time constantly (or be asked what time it is!). Very stealthy, Diesel.

via technabob

3 thoughts on “Diesel’s Faceless Watch Still Tells Time

  1. Sooo…what’s the point exactly of wearing this hunk of blank metal? One of those “concept” gadgets that someone thought was cool that really isn’t in real life.

  2. So, you either look down your arm, or up your fist to see the time?

    Yeah! That’s real natural.

    Drawing board time, guys.

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