Inflatable Motorized Bumper Boats for your Pool

When I was kid all I wanted was either a pony, bumper cars, or a rollercoaster. But unfortunately my parents only let me choose 2 out of the 3 for our backyard so I never got the bumper cars (on a sidenote, when I turned 18 I was only able to get a Corvette and a Range Rover, and not motorcycle too- parents suck!). Just kidding. Anyway, now you can tons of fun in your own backyard with your own bumper cars for the pool with Excalibur Motorized Bumper Boats!
These $99 inflatable bumper boats have a tiny safe quiet motor underneath and an easy to use steering wheel. They can hold up to 200 lbs, fold up compactly and run on 6 D batteries. How much fun do these look like they’d be?! Definitely a must have for your backyard pool or lake trip this summer!

Buy them at Amazon here.

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