TV Armor Protects Your TV

It says something about society that we’ll spend hundreds of dollars on protective cases for our iPods, RAZR phones, and other small gadgets and not do anything to protect the most expensive gadget in our house- the big screen TV. Well TV Armor is like the car bra for electronics- the protection you never really knew you needed until you saw someone else with one. Maybe the Bumper Badger is a more apt comparison; ever seen those things? it’s like a floormat that sticks out of your trunk to protect your bumper from getting bumped.

The flying Wiimote has probably cause more angst and broken plasma TV’s than any toy in history did (definitely a conspiracy between Nintendo and the TV manufacturers, I’m sure of it). You can stop errant Wiimotes from damaging your flatscreen by attaching TV Armor which is a 1/4? thick layer of optical-grade plastic. Besides protecting your set from flying objects, it can stop it from getting any marks, scratches, and splashes (splashes? is that really a problem?).

TV Armor attaches to your television set with velcro straps and uses felt stopped to maintain a cushion between the acrylic and your TV. They claim that the plastic is clear enough that it won’t distort or alter your viewing in any manner. Is it worth $69 to $289? Ehhhh.

via technabob