Street Legal Bumper Cars

Apparently it’s somewhat popular in certain vehicle enthusiast circles to modify bumper cars so they are street legal. They use a Kawasaki 750cc motorcycle engine to give them power to hit sidestreet speeds (I doubt these can hit highway speeds, and you probably wouldn’t want to anyway!).

These cars somehow cost $50,000 to retrofit to make them street legal! That’s a lot of money per pound of car…inch of car… cubic foot of car?? How do you quantify a car? One of life’s great mysteries. Anyway, they do look pretty ridiculous, but probably not any more than anyone driving around a giant yellow Hummer these days.

M38 Flickr via BB

3 thoughts on “Street Legal Bumper Cars

  1. The links at the site, listed as engine and driving, as well as at the first comment to this post don’t work. $50,000 seems more like a misquote or typo than a reality, as even a Legend Car made street legal would not run that high for the most part. Guess if you added enough it may though.

    Interesting cars to view and certainly proves that most boys would love to run off to the circus/carnival at heart.

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