RestMan Removable Armrest with Built in Mousepad

The RestMan is an ergonomically designed mousepad/armrest combo. It can be clipped on to either your desk or your armchair or maximum comfort. By offering two ways to clip it on, you can find the position that works best for you to reduce strain on your forearm and elbow.

Sitting at a desk all day with your mouse in an uncomfortable position can quickly lead to carpal tunnel syndrome as well as joint and tendon pains in your arms and wrists and RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries). It’s important to keep your arms fully supported to avoid any discomfort. The RestMan is made of foam rubber covered in a fabric, so it’s firm enough to use your mouse on it yet it has some give when you rest your arm on it. It clips on to a variety of chair sizes on either the right or left hand side without any tools.

A video demonstration of the RestMan? You got it:

RestMan is sold by a Japanese company but you can find a few RestMans for sale on eBay (would that be RestMen?)

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