Condom Wrapper Mousepad Won’t Protect You From Viruses

Protect your desktop from having little desktops of it’s own. These days you have to practice safe desk if you don’t want to get a virus. The Condom Wrapper Mousepad was designed by Innokids who may not appreciate the irony of having “no kids” right in their name when it comes to this particular product they make.

This $11.99 novelty mousepad has an anti-slip rubber bottom and will DEFINITELY make you the most popular guy in your office with the ladies. Here’s how it’s done, and trust me on this trick: fold it into your pocket and then have it “accidentally” fall out when you’re taking something out of your pocket in front of the new office hottie. Word will spread and bam! you’re in like a dolphin. If that doesn’t work, start wearing a Ferrari hat and twirling around a Ferrari keychain because only people that drive Ferraris would have those things. Trust me, you’ll be getting more tang than an astronaut.

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