Melting Flower Fire Extinguisher for Kitchen Grease Fires

Flower power! This ordinary looking plastic flower is so much more than just a pretty kitchen decoration- it’s also a fire extinguisher for grease fires (although you probably knew that if you had read the title of this post). The flowers have a magnet on their stems so you can keep them handy. Then when you have a grease fire, and if you’re anything like me that’s about once every other week, you just grab the flowers and drop them in the fire. The flower melts and expands in the pot creating an oozing film that covers the surface and extinguishes the fire.

You’ve got to check out the video of this weird gadget in action- it really works!!!:

Yes you can buy these from the Japan Trend Shop for $40 for a pair.

2 thoughts on “Melting Flower Fire Extinguisher for Kitchen Grease Fires

  1. Yeah, but it looks like it ruins the dinner with the chemicals left behind. Or is that brown stuff edible?

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