Suction Cup Flowerpot for your Car

Unless you drive a VW Bug with the built in flower holder, we could all use a little plant life in our vehicles. The problem with putting a normal flower pot in your car on the dashboard is that you drive like maniac, taking turns like you’re in Nascar and the plant tends to slide off and smash on the floor, getting dirt all over your car’s floor.

These problems have been solved with the Mobile Planter that allows you to bring the outdoors to you by attaching an arm with a suction cup to your windshield. Except that your car is always parked outside anyway, but that’s besides the point. As you know, plants are a great source of oxygen and will kep to clean the air inside your car. Now you can do refresh your breath and still drive like a maniac. So step on it buddy!

Product Page at Amazon: Suction Cup Flower Pot