Wasabi Spraying Smoke Detector

Most fire alarms have an obnoxiously loud beeping sound to warn you of smoke in your home. Some smoke detectors, like mine, have an obnoxiously loud voice speaking things (mine mostly says “battery low, change battery” over and over again but I’m sure it has an appropriate warning for an actual fire- I hope!). But what about a fire alarm for the hard of hearing? Well many alarms today are equipped with brightly flashing lights, but that won’t work if you’re a sound sleeper. One Japanese (natch) company has introduced a smoke alarm that sprays out a tongue piercing array of wasabi. A blast of wasabi can wake most people up within 2.5 minutes, according the manufacturer. It has enough to wake you up but not enough to hurt your eyes (you’ll need to see if you want to get out, right?) So as long as they’re not dreaming of eating in a sushi restaurant, this should be quite effective and lifesaving.

via technabob

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