Fire Dragon USB Game Controller…Roooar

fire dragon game controller
This Fire Dragon USB Game Controller has to be one of the freakiest controllers ever. It’s laid out like an XBox controller with an “ergonomic design”. I’m not sure how ergonomic all those protruding scales and body parts are but maybe, just maybe they’re on to something here. I do know that the tail is removable, which is good because you’d probably jab yourself in the nuts with it if you played with this in your lap.
fire dragon game controller2
The dragon doesn’t actually breathe fire (thank goodness) but it does have some scary red and yellow LED eye lighting effects. This game controller is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME and 98 and like all good dragons, it supports vibration feedback. This fire breathing dragon gamepad could be yours if the prices is right…$29.

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  1. this maybe a stupid question , but since it has a USB plugin, does mean it may work with a 360?

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